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Just How Bad IS Google Minus? Bad Enough To Kill YouTube

A brief history of Google Minus explains why YouTube is now dead.

The Problem With YouTube’s Content ID System…

In this article, The Ceej addresses the issues with YouTube’s Content ID system and offers suggestions on how to improve said system.

Loaded Questions: “How Long Is It?”

When referring to a video on the internet, or on local media, if the first question out of someone’s mouth is, “How long is it?” we know they don’t really care how long it is. That question is loaded. How? Read on.

Selling Out? I Prefer To Call It Compromise…

Face it, Ceej. Call it whatever helps you sleep at night, but you ARE selling out!

“Conversation” With An Obsessed Fan…

An insane fan accuses The Ceej of saying stuff he never said. And The Ceej handles it just the way you would expect. By ridiculing him.

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