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The Problem With YouTube’s Content ID System…

In this article, The Ceej addresses the issues with YouTube’s Content ID system and offers suggestions on how to improve said system.

I Don’t Wanna Work!

Ceej has been busy… Or has he been lazy? We don’t know. Read to find out.

Revolutionaries Usually Face Contempt…

Even if the revolution is only financial and involves no bloodshed.

Retail Is Another Word For Scalping…

The title is probably enough to convince you of Ceej’s point, but you should read the article anyway. Ceej does put effort into these things.

The Norma Es Populus Logical Fallacy

Now the fallacy has a name, so I can call someone on it when they use it, rather than getting in the same old tired argument again and again.

©2010 The Ceej. All Rights Reserved.

This editorial is not ©2010 The Ceej. No rights are reserved. This editorial is public domain.

Businesses Scam Americans (A Collection Of Miniature Issues)

Don’t buy American, don’t spell Email the way they want you to and, for God’s sake, don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

Enforcing Policy?

There is no such thing as enforcing policy. Only manipulating it.


If you retire, you should just drop dead. Why? Read on…

My Opinion On Illegal Immigration…

Ceej on illegal immigration

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