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Black Friday Is A Scam…

Black Friday is a well-known but very successful scam. What’s a scam about it? Read the article.

Tax Evasion Is Not A Crime…

How is tax evasion not a crime? Because someone only owes you money if they’re your client. Read the article for more.

The XXXX Has Been Redacted!

The problem with ********** is that **** you do ***** like that, everything ********* about the ***** gets lost behind the *********. What am I ******* about? Read the *******.

Laughing At People’s Pain Is Okay!

We don’t know how The Ceej is going to justify laughing at the suffering of others, but we’re sure he will and that you’ll enjoy it.

I’d Tell You You’re Not Funny But I Don’t Want To Be Fired…

Customers think they’re so funny, don’t they?

A Futile Plea To A Battered Wife…

Deep and dark for The Ceej, he presents you a moving open plea to a battered wife. And who IS that battered wife? I think you know her.


Read the title. ‘Nuff said.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XII: A Stay Of The Insanity…

With the story on hiatus again, The Ceej finds it difficult to pick up where he left off. But, the story deserves an end, and this chapter is ©2011 The Ceej. All rights reserved.

When People Get Offended By A Literary Device…

A friend of The Ceej got offended that The Ceej was sarcastic, so rather than apologise for a joke, he wrote an editorial. Suck it, joke-haters.

Tabloid Mentality…

With all the buzz around The Ceej’s article about how he’s fucked up, The Ceej has something to say about tabloid mentality.

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