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New FAQ: “Why Do You Wear A Cape?”

The Ceej often gets asked why he wears a cape, but the answer is too long for the FAQ’s page.

The Social Boulder

The Social Boulder is an allegory for lying to those you call friends and then blaming them for believing your lies. Friends don’t lie to friends. Ever. No exceptions. If you don’t believe that, you don’t have friends.

What’s In A Name?

Names are a largely overlooked state-sanctioned aggression. In what way? Read the article.

Tip Jars: A Slap In The Face To The Service Industry…

And I’m not talking about the time someone was literally slapped in the face by a tip jar. I’m talking about what tip jars have done to kill the act of tipping.

Can’t You Take A Hint!?

Hint? Me? You’ll have to give it to me straight. The hints look and sound like too many other things.

I Thank You In Advance For Enjoying This Article!

What the hell does that mean? I thank you in advance for reading on to the find out.

Facebook Wants Your Friendships Destroyed!

No, really. They do. And Ceej outlines why and what they do in the article.

Your Smart Phone Is Smarter Than You…

The Ceej has never been a fan of smart phones. We told him he may alienate his audience, but now he’s attacking smart phone users.

Yeah, Yeah… Keep Your Trousers On…

Or take them off. Your choice.

Who’s That Trip-Trapping On My Bridge?

Internet trolling is all the rage right now. How to handle it when someone does it to you.

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