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Don’t Stoop To Their Level…

The government may be evil, but that doesn’t give YOU the excuse to be evil.

Is Glenn Beck Dangerous?

After Sunday’s satirical article, The Ceej was attacked by both left and right wingnuts claiming that Glenn Beck is serious business. This is his rebuttal.

Why Are They Saying, “Happy New Year”?

This isn’t the new year. So why does everyone agree it is? Because they’re stupid. That’s why.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part III: Committed To Remedy…

The story continues as Ceej is admitted to NARH, locked in, and has no hope of leaving before they want him to. ©2010 The Ceej

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part I: The First Step Is Admissions…

Every story has a beginning. Do you want to know why The Ceej is so damn antisocial, misanthropic, anticorporate, antiestablishment, and anarchistic? Well, this is that story. It begins here. ©2010 The Ceej. Copyright maintained on this series. The editorials are still public domain, unless otherwise specified.

Transphobia: The Socially Acceptable Prejudice

Apparently bigotry is okay if the victim used to have a penis.

Dr. Laura: Is She Racist?

Dr. Laura said a lot of stuff she shouldn’t have. Was the “N word” one of them?

What Customer Service Really Is…

After the JetBlue flight attendant flipped out, I thought, “At last. Some real customer service.”

Suicide: Should You Prevent It?

If you have a friend that is suicidal, the best you can do is be there for them and not stop them if they elect to go through with it.

Should Lawyers Be Outlawed? (A Special “Prop H8 Overturned” Editorial)

As the ruling overturning Prop H8 sinks in, I take a look at lawyers, juries, and judges in a courtroom, as well as good and bad legal arguments for gay rights within the system. Not that I like the system.

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