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Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XVII: One Hell Of An Issue To Work Out…

After turning his back on his church (or did they turn their back on him?) The Ceej needed to find out where he fit with God. But, what if he and God didn’t get along at all? ©2012 The Ceej.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XVI: Fighting My Demons…

Having seen the mental health system for what it was, The Ceej turned his back on it. But, with his life still in ruins, was he going to be too impressionable to stay out of manipulative systems altogether? ©2012 The Ceej

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XV: Back In The Cycle…

Faced with his own church threatening to commit him, what was The Ceej to do? Accept defeat? Not without a fight! ©2011 The Ceej

Gay Rights Infringe On Christian Rights?

Not really, but they say that, so I decided to argue for gay rights while giving them that ludicrous statement to show that it doesn’t really help their case.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XIV: The Trust Game…

Clearly Ceej didn’t die in his suicide attempt because, if he did, he wouldn’t be writing this. So, what happened next? ©2011 The Ceej. All rights reserved.

What’s Your Sign? Ophiuchus?

With the zodiac gaining a 13th sign, The Ceej feels the need to ridicule a religion that no one officially belongs to, yet has more followers than Christianity.

A Mosque At Ground Zero? Oh NOES!

Republicans are protesting plans for a mosque (which is not a mosque) to be built two blocks from ground zero. And, why, exactly are they doing this? Hint: Not for the reasons they say.

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