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Return To Roots…

The Ceej returns to his roots and applies anti-gay bigotries to blacks for the first time since he started this damn site, in spite of the fact that’s what he created it for.

Transphobia: The Socially Acceptable Prejudice

Apparently bigotry is okay if the victim used to have a penis.

My Opinion On Illegal Immigration…

Ceej on illegal immigration

Dr. Laura: Is She Racist?

Dr. Laura said a lot of stuff she shouldn’t have. Was the “N word” one of them?

Native English Speakers Are The Worst At English…

Why is it that my friends in China speak better English than your average American? Watch me speculate…

Should Lawyers Be Outlawed? (A Special “Prop H8 Overturned” Editorial)

As the ruling overturning Prop H8 sinks in, I take a look at lawyers, juries, and judges in a courtroom, as well as good and bad legal arguments for gay rights within the system. Not that I like the system.

Why Saying, “Nigger” Is Socially Beneficial…

Words cannot be offensive to a rational adult. Nuff said.

I’m Not Saying Black People Should Be Slaves…

I’m just saying we should let the people vote.  I mean, we live in a democracy where the people should decide what policy is.  If people think blacks should be slaves, we should let the people decide that.  America has a great history of allowing the majority to steal the rights from the minority, so […]

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