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Just How Bad IS Google Minus? Bad Enough To Kill YouTube

A brief history of Google Minus explains why YouTube is now dead.

Who Really Wins Better Business Bureau Complaints?

Who exactly does the BBB benefit? Not me. Not you. Businesses say not even them. Could it be no one?

What’s In A Name?

Names are a largely overlooked state-sanctioned aggression. In what way? Read the article.

Tip Jars: A Slap In The Face To The Service Industry…

And I’m not talking about the time someone was literally slapped in the face by a tip jar. I’m talking about what tip jars have done to kill the act of tipping.

I Thank You In Advance For Enjoying This Article!

What the hell does that mean? I thank you in advance for reading on to the find out.

Tax Evasion Is Not A Crime…

How is tax evasion not a crime? Because someone only owes you money if they’re your client. Read the article for more.

No System Is Perfect Part I: Educatiacracy

When people say, “No system is perfect,” Ceej has two thoughts. First he wonders, then, why we don’t have no system, but then, where do they get the idea that no system is perfect. No system is better, but not perfect.

Don’t Stoop To Their Level…

The government may be evil, but that doesn’t give YOU the excuse to be evil.

The Usual Gang Of Idiots (Or Pretty Little Liars)

Kevin Hunt of General Mills is either a child, a Nazi, or a special needs person. Either way, he shouldn’t be working at GM.

English Translations Of Common Call Centerian Phrases…

Call centres don’t actually speak English. You may need an English translation. Consider this your introduction to Call Centerian.

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