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Why Digital Media Has Already Won But Will Never Win…

If the title confuses you, you’re my target audience. Those who understand the title already know the message.

Tip Jars: A Slap In The Face To The Service Industry…

And I’m not talking about the time someone was literally slapped in the face by a tip jar. I’m talking about what tip jars have done to kill the act of tipping.

Added Value Or Added Price?

Some people seem to analogise scalping with flipping and this irritates The Ceej. So, as he’s wont to do, he wrote an article about it.

Selling Out? I Prefer To Call It Compromise…

Face it, Ceej. Call it whatever helps you sleep at night, but you ARE selling out!

Revolutionaries Usually Face Contempt…

Even if the revolution is only financial and involves no bloodshed.

Writers Are More Important Than Doctors…

Doctors may save lives, but writers have a more important power that doctors lack. What is this power? Read to find out.

Caveats Of The Still-Gaming…

Long-time gamer, The Ceej, wonders why there have been wrong turns in game development and pleas with gaming developers to fix these problems.

Retail Is Another Word For Scalping…

The title is probably enough to convince you of Ceej’s point, but you should read the article anyway. Ceej does put effort into these things.

Ceej Goes Hollywood! (No, Really…)

Ceej got a letter from Hollywood. Who sent it? What did they want? And, most importantly, why didn’t it happen sooner?

Businesses Scam Americans (A Collection Of Miniature Issues)

Don’t buy American, don’t spell Email the way they want you to and, for God’s sake, don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

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