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Writers Are More Important Than Doctors…

Doctors may save lives, but writers have a more important power that doctors lack. What is this power? Read to find out.

They Say Alcohol Is A Truth Serum…

You ever drunk dial an ex? The Ceej drunk posts an editorial.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XI: Down A Different Road…

Who was the man at the end of the last episode and what did he want? More importantly, why has it been a month and a half since the last episode?

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part X: A Mission To Survive

Stuck at the downtown rescue mission, Ceej has a mission to survive. The parameters of this mission include escape from the mission. Confused? You won’t be after this episode of Ceej: A Mental Breakdown. ©2010 The Ceej

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part IX: Hospitable Care

A knife against his wrist, and all the fuel he needs, how is The Ceej going to get out of this one? ©2010 The Ceej.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part VIII: The Problem Is Past…

As Ceej finds himself to be homeless in a week, he attempts to place blame, searching a past of which he is largely unsure. ©2010 The Ceej

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part VII: Mental Health Will Drive You Mad…

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, The Ceej tries out the IMA living arrangement offered by HUD through MHC. As you see, it doesn’t really work out. ©2010 The Ceej

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part VI: Let It All Out…

With hope to be released from the hospital, after four months, Ceej was filled with excitement. Unfortunately, however, his story did not end there. ©2010 The Ceej.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part V: Just Needing Release…

Back exactly where he started, over two months after being committed, Ceej has to figure out a new way out of this hellhole. If he doesn’t, he will never see the light of day again. ©2010 The Ceej.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part IV: A Ward For Despair…

As our story continues, Ceej realises he’s not getting out of here as promised. He has to play the game. But, they can’t know he’s playing the game. © 2010 The Ceej.

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