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Why Digital Media Has Already Won But Will Never Win…

If the title confuses you, you’re my target audience. Those who understand the title already know the message.

Film Review: Looper

A film by Rian Johnson, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis, Jeff Daniels, and Emily Blunt about a guy charged with offing his future self, The Ceej breaks this film down for you. However, if you’d rather not read the review, The Ceej’s rating, on a scale of ten, is thumbs down.

Facebook Wants Your Friendships Destroyed!

No, really. They do. And Ceej outlines why and what they do in the article.

Is Glenn Beck Dangerous?

After Sunday’s satirical article, The Ceej was attacked by both left and right wingnuts claiming that Glenn Beck is serious business. This is his rebuttal.

Stephen Colbert Fired From Comedy Central…

After a long battle, that fascist right wingnut has gotten thrown off the air. Serves him right. Gonna leave this one public domain like the other editorials, but please do link back if you decide to repost. I’m particularly proud of this one.

“She’s Out Of Your League!”

When someone tells you that someone else is out of your league, they don’t mean you can’t get this person. What do they mean? Read on to find out.

Tabloid Mentality…

With all the buzz around The Ceej’s article about how he’s fucked up, The Ceej has something to say about tabloid mentality.

Does A Question As The Headline Mean The Article Is Propaganda?

Why does Ceej pose a question as his headline? Is HIS article propaganda too?

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