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Stephen Colbert Fired From Comedy Central…

After a long battle, that fascist right wingnut has gotten thrown off the air. Serves him right. Gonna leave this one public domain like the other editorials, but please do link back if you decide to repost. I’m particularly proud of this one.

2011 Worst Customer Service Of The Year Awards…

We never thought Dell would beat AT&T last year, or that AT&T would beat the United States Social Security Administration in 2009 but, by God, someone beat Dell this year. Who? Read to find out.

SCOTUS Gets One Right?

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on a controversial case. The ruling was offensive but, at the same time, right. Which one was it? That’s what the article is for. This is just an exerpt.

Retail Is Another Word For Scalping…

The title is probably enough to convince you of Ceej’s point, but you should read the article anyway. Ceej does put effort into these things.

Customer Service: What Not To Do…

LycosMail has shown us a perfect example of what NOT to do when providing customer service.

The Ceej Found Guilty In Court…

The Ceej talks more about the charges he’s facing than he ever did publicly. But what charges? Why guilty? Can we ever know?

Businesses Scam Americans (A Collection Of Miniature Issues)

Don’t buy American, don’t spell Email the way they want you to and, for God’s sake, don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

Let’s Hear It For Those Vets!

What with it being Veterans Day in the United States and all, The Ceej considered it appropriate to honour some American veterans specifically in all his sarcastic glory.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part VIII: The Problem Is Past…

As Ceej finds himself to be homeless in a week, he attempts to place blame, searching a past of which he is largely unsure. ©2010 The Ceej

No Offence, But…

If someone is offended for seemingly no reason, you should offend them further. It’s clearly what they want.

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