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Black Friday Is A Scam…

Black Friday is a well-known but very successful scam. What’s a scam about it? Read the article.

Selling Out? I Prefer To Call It Compromise…

Face it, Ceej. Call it whatever helps you sleep at night, but you ARE selling out!

The Usual Gang Of Idiots (Or Pretty Little Liars)

Kevin Hunt of General Mills is either a child, a Nazi, or a special needs person. Either way, he shouldn’t be working at GM.

English Translations Of Common Call Centerian Phrases…

Call centres don’t actually speak English. You may need an English translation. Consider this your introduction to Call Centerian.

Has Customer Service Ever Really Existed?

We all fantasise about a time when companies actually had customer service. But, did that time ever really exist or did we make it all up in our heads?

None Of Our Business…

A tribute to business.

I’d Tell You You’re Not Funny But I Don’t Want To Be Fired…

Customers think they’re so funny, don’t they?

A Beautiful Mind: Charles Herman Was Not A Hallucination…

The official interpretation of the film is perpetuated by a lie of Ron Howard’s. I have storyline supported evidence that John Nash wasn’t sick.

Revolutionaries Usually Face Contempt…

Even if the revolution is only financial and involves no bloodshed.

Is Glenn Beck Dangerous?

After Sunday’s satirical article, The Ceej was attacked by both left and right wingnuts claiming that Glenn Beck is serious business. This is his rebuttal.

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