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Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XVII: One Hell Of An Issue To Work Out…

After turning his back on his church (or did they turn their back on him?) The Ceej needed to find out where he fit with God. But, what if he and God didn’t get along at all? ©2012 The Ceej.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XVI: Fighting My Demons…

Having seen the mental health system for what it was, The Ceej turned his back on it. But, with his life still in ruins, was he going to be too impressionable to stay out of manipulative systems altogether? ©2012 The Ceej

Colourful People Part II: Wanna Go Bowling?

Ceej really is dense if he thinks these are real people.

Selling Out? I Prefer To Call It Compromise…

Face it, Ceej. Call it whatever helps you sleep at night, but you ARE selling out!

Colourful People Part I: I Don’t Think That’s A Medically Good Thing…

The Ceej recently had a conversation with what he thinks is an interesting lady. We think HE’S the one that’s interesting, if you know what we mean.

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XV: Back In The Cycle…

Faced with his own church threatening to commit him, what was The Ceej to do? Accept defeat? Not without a fight! ©2011 The Ceej

Final Fantasy Under Ceej Is No More But Humour Under Ceej Is Just Beginning…

Just as a new phoenix rose from the ashes of the old one, so does a better site rise from the ashes of Final Fantasy Under Ceej.

A Beautiful Mind: Charles Herman Was Not A Hallucination…

The official interpretation of the film is perpetuated by a lie of Ron Howard’s. I have storyline supported evidence that John Nash wasn’t sick.

Final Fantasy Under Ceej To Be Dismantled…

With the dismantling of Final Fantasy Under Ceej, The Ceej needs your opinions as to what to replace it with. Can you help? Sure you can. Read to find out how.

Is Glenn Beck Dangerous?

After Sunday’s satirical article, The Ceej was attacked by both left and right wingnuts claiming that Glenn Beck is serious business. This is his rebuttal.

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