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The Ceej is a recognised artist of many persuasions.  Indoctrination Under Ceej™ is where he posts his editorials.   The “indoctrination” part is Mr. Ceej’s idea of a joke.  He wanted to poke fun at the way editorial is typically done in America.  Nobody presents facts and evidence to support their side.  They just try to make you feel they’re right.  Nobody wants to hear they’re wrong either.  That makes them wrong by default.  But the difference between The Ceej and everyone else is that he actually knows he’s wrong about everything. So, at least be entertained by what is an unknown mix of comedy and legitimate stupidity. And, for God’s sake, do your own independent research. Don’t take anyone’s word for anything. Not even Ceej’s.

Everything The Ceej says at Indoctrination Under Ceej™, with the exception of material cited or linked from outside sources (including his own material linked or cited from outside sources) or otherwise expressed within the editorial in question is expressed as public domain.  This means you may link to, cite, copy, or otherwise disseminate the written text by The Ceej in any way without additional expressed permission.  However, anything cited or linked from outside sources, including The Ceej’s own material from his other websites (including pictures, video, and audio) is subject to respective copyright regulations.  Fair use may apply, however, so be sure to check with the original artist or The Ceej (or both if he is the original artist) to know for sure.  The reason for this is that authorities have been known to attempt to censor The Ceej, and he is in favour of free speech.  By inserting his editorials into the public domain, he makes censorship practically impossible.

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