Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic Sometimes…

There’s a running joke, either on The Simpsons or one of those shows that rips of The Simpsons, where something will happen to a character and he’ll say, “I don’t know which hurts more. The [thing that happened to me] or the irony.”

Well, let’s say I was going out with a friend of mine, but I’d been seeing signs that he were trying to kill me.  So, I remove the magazine from his handgun.  Then, while we’re out, he can’t use this gun against the guy who really is trying to kill me.  The knife definitely hurts more than the irony.  In fact, the irony is the only good thing about this entire situation.

Irony doesn’t hurt.  Irony is amusing.  Seeing  a tow truck parked in a tow-away zone, a police officer being arrested, or a  drowning white supremacist saved by a black man is always amusing for me. Even in a tragic situation such as the case with the antidepressants that caused suicide attempts, irony brings the  amusement.  How can anyone be upset at irony?

Then there’s hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy is always at least seasoned with a dash of irony.  Sometimes more than a dash as in the case of legislator who has always voted against gay marriage getting caught in bed with a man. I love irony and the government is full of it.  I used to get terribly offended at hypocrites, but acknowledging their irony has caused me to love them.

And, let’s end on some real-life ironic situations.

A song called Ironic was written and recorded by a woman who had no idea what irony is.

Social liberals would, given the chance, end people’s right to own guns.

Fiscal conservatives spend more money on war than they have.

The people pretend to think like they think everyone else thinks because they’re all afraid people will find out they think like everyone else actually thinks.

Your freedom is completely dependent on following orders from your government.

Oh, yeah.  And that tow truck parked in the tow-away zone.  I saw that.  I wanted to take a picture, but the driver didn’t want to let me.  I guess he wasn’t as big of a fan of irony as I was.

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