“She’s Out Of Your League!”

Aside from the semantic stupidity of that statement, there’s so much more to be said about the intent behind it.

A very good friend of mine was telling me the other day that I wasn’t very attractive at all, despite the fact my experience suggests otherwise.  “With all due respect, Dave,” I told him, “unless you have something to tell me about how you’re really gay, I’m going to have to default to those who would know.  People hit on me all the time.”  He told me people hit on him all the time too, like he’s missing the point.  How many times do I have to tell him that he’s hot too?

So, that may seem like a pointless digression, but there is a point, so bear with me and I’ll feed you.  Attraction to another person is a very subjective thing.  There’s textbook attractive, which is what the magazines would have you believe is attractive.  However, not many people are into textbook attractive.  And that’s where the, “She’s out of your league” line comes in.

Big, muscular guys can’t stand the fact that they’re not the ones getting all the girls.  They’re supposed to be the hot people, damn it.  The magazines tell them so.  So, when another person goes after the girl they want, this guy would tell him, “She’s out of your league.”  There is no league.  He just doesn’t want someone who is perceivably less attractive than him to get a girl while he doesn’t.

My brother once complained that on television sitcoms, “the average looking guy gets the hot woman.”  Well, I don’t know about that.  I’m not one to judge the attractivity of sitcom parents, but I would wager to say that he’s just jealous that the telly is being honest now about who can get the hot women.  He also told me that the male protagonist in Final Fantasy games is “scrawny because the Japanese want to believe that’s what hot women want.”

If you focus on finding someone for yourself instead of trying to block us, you could find someone.  Attractivity is subjective and someone close enough to you probably fancies you.  Seriously, textbook attractive people, just enjoy the fact that you’re media hot, and stop trying to block us from taking advantage of our real world hot.  Surely, if you’re that bitter, then you’re having a hard time finding someone who finds you attractive.  Whereas nary is there a day I go out in public I don’t get hit on.

In conclusion, where’s your league now?  I guess you’re out of your league.

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