When People Get Offended By A Literary Device…

Well, it’s still Wednesday to me, and this is the fifth article I’m writing today (fourth for the back-log).  I guess I’m covered the rest of the week.

Someone once asked me, “Why do you have a sarcastic response to everything?”  The answer is obvious.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be prepared, would I?

Sarcasm is widely known by the comedic industry (and society in general) to be a positive and beneficial literary device.  Its cousin, facetion, is also a great literary device (though often overlooked because of its subtlety compared to sarcasm).

So, if everyone loves sarcasm, why do many of these people get offended when you use it with them?  Well, the answer is simple.  It doesn’t take a psychology major to figure it out.  It doesn’t even take a person who took one online psychology lesson to figure it out.  They’re not offended at the sarcasm you used.  They’re offended that they slipped enough to open you up for it.  They’re angry with themselves, and they’re projecting onto you because they feel ashamed to admit how they’re really feeling.  It’s okay, though.  We all open ourselves up to sarcastic remarks.  Doesn’t make you stupid, and it did open us up for a witty line, so all is well.

So, don’t apologise for your use of sarcasm.  Hold firm to your assertion that they’re angry with themselves, and you don’t think any less of them for it, and all will be over quickly.  After all, nobody really gets offended at humour.  They get offended at something inside themselves and project to the humour.  Apology for jokes is never called for.  Remember that next time, Gilbert Gottfried.

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  • AwesomeNo Gravatar says:

    Let me clear a few things up for you, Ceej. I am not offended by your sarcasm. I am offended that one of my best friends continues to give me a sarcastic remark for everything I have to say. I have told you previously that it was annoying and that I wanted to actually have a conversation with you. Sarcasm here and there is ok, but when used in excess (which is exactly the way you use it), then it’s obnoxious and annoying. If all you want is a puppet to deliver your jokes to, let me know. Otherwise I would like to continue being your friend.

    • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

      Interesting how you assume this article is about you. You notice, I didn’t mention your specific situation anywhere in here. That’s because it’s not about you.

      • AwesomeNo Gravatar says:

        Interesting that we have an issue involving you and sarcasm, and then your next blog entry is about being offended by a literary device. Really? Nothing to do with me?

        • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

          It has a little do with you you in the sense that you reminded me I needed to write it, but that’s all. The specific inspiration is Scott.

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