Tabloid Mentality…

I know you couldn’t tell from the comment count, and you can’t even see the view count, but the third article below this was the one of mine that got the most people telling me how great it was.  What you can tell is that it was a bit different from the rest in one very obvious way.

Figure it out?  Yeah.  It’s about my personal life.  But before I make my point, let me digress a bit.

When I ask people if they read that article of mine, or saw the video, or heard the song, they usually reply, “Which one?”  Most people just let them build up in their inbox until they’re so overwhelmed they just read the last one.  This was a time when the roles were reversed.  People were ringing me up and sending me Emails and IM’s saying, “I read that article you wrote,” to which I replied, “Which one?”  Oh, forgive me.  I’ve written seventy-eight articles to date.  I can’t be arsed to automatically know which one they’re on about.  But, they were on about the one I’m writing about now.

Seventy-eight articles.  Has it been that many?  And two partially finished drafts.  Three, if I were to count this one.  Seventy-seven of them have been about politics, current events, advice, and novelised (based on true) stories, among other important topics.  Many of those receive positive reviews or challenging rebuttal, but many of them are also overlooked completely.  The one I make making myself vulnerable by throwing out more of my personal life (and not the pleasant part) than my friends and family have ever had the pleasure of knowing, let alone my fan-base, everybody has something to say.  Very few of them said it publicly, but the approval of that article was unanimous.  The consensus that it was my best was larger than I could ever have expected.

These people tell me they like that I’m analysing and attempting to improve myself, which would be good if they were honest.  It all comes down to tabloid mentality.  Important stuff just isn’t interesting to people.  Screw the economy, the wars, the dirty politics, the repeated revolutions.  Grab me a copy of Heat and let’s see what Jennifer Faketits is wearing this summer.  I bet she’s gotten fat.

I’m glad I’m able to recognise my flaws and work toward fixing them, but the rest of you shouldn’t care that much.  Of everything I’ve written, that is the article you should be the least interested in.  And this article should be right behind it.  You know I do have important things to say, right?

If you want a tabloid, you’ll  have to pick up a copy of the Supermarket Checkout Examiner, because this is not going to be that kind of website.  And, remember their slogan, “Minds that need examining want to know.”

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