Suicide: Should You Prevent It?

I was going to write an editorial, today, about autism, but that will have to wait until tomorrow since I decided to dedicate this to a friend. He shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but he knows who he is.

I guess this editorial isn’t going to be much different, politically. It’s still about the medical industry being wrong. They usually are. Their response, when they discover someone is contemplating suicide, is to lock them up, medicate them, and brainwash them until they’ve changed their mind. Or, more often, until they say they’ve changed their mind so they can kill themselves in peace.

In reality, treating people who are suicidal as if they are sick is counter-productive. They aren’t sick. They are just unhappy. The answer is not medication, therapy, or incarceration. The answer is they just need a friend.

Most people who are suicidal don’t have a true friend they can share it with. They have people in their lives who, if they told how they truly feel, they would end up locked up in an attempt to keep them alive. They need a friend to whom they feel they can open up, and who will listen without judgement, offer guidance and, if it comes to it, support the decision to end their lives.

“But, Ceej” you cry, “it’s selfish to end your life and leave everyone behind!”

Is it? Or is it selfish to keep your friends and family alive at all costs just because you want them to live? It’s not your life to end. It’s not your decision to make.

“But, it’s the coward’s way out!”

Is it? If it’s that cowardly, you pull the trigger. Can’t? I know. I’ve been there too. It’s far easier to keep going. To do it, you have to fight the instinct for survival.

“But, if they just live through this, they’ll feel better!”

That’s quite a presumption to make. While it’s entirely possible that this will happen, again, it’s not your life. You can’t possibly know that more than they can.

“But, when they make the decision, they’re usually irrational!”

And, so your answer is to do things to them that make them even more irrational? Why don’t you try sitting down and talking to them in a nonjudgemental manner, offer advice, and end the end, support whatever their decision is. This is a far better way to combat irrationality. If they still do it, they are far more likely to be rational at the time.

“But suicide is permanent!”

So are tattoos, but you support people’s right to have them. A lot of things are permanent. But, it’s not your life. It’s not your decision. Even if the decision is the wrong one, it’s theirs to make. You wouldn’t want someone making these types of decisions for you.

Remember, it’s not your life to end, and if you really care about the person, you will not try to stop them. You will just be there for them. My friend, I’m here for you no matter what you decide to do. And, I will never reveal your identity to those that would treat you like this is a problem to solve with drugs and incarceration.

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  • Nick Jamison GrantNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent post, Ceej. I agree 100%. I myself have thought of suicide many many times, and it’s extremely selfish of OTHERS to try to just stop me based on religious or medical arguments. If you (general “you”) really want to help me, you should just fucking TALK TO ME and try to understand my level of pain, instead of running around making flippant instant observations that may not even be accurate.

  • AnkhNo Gravatar says:

    But GAAAAAWWWWWDDDD doesn’t like it! He’ll send you to HELLLLLL!!! PRAISE THE LAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDD!!! Glow-ray halliluya!!!!

    • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

      Yeah. God is going to send my friend to hell? That goes along the lines of everything else this loving God has been doing for him lately. I hope he elects not to do it, and he knows this, but I support his decision either way.

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