Why Aren’t There More Death Row Escape Attempts?

In the American justice system (and they use the word, “justice” very loosely in that phrase), many states allow for the ultimate punishment for a crime.  Of course, they don’t kill the guy right away.  The guy usually sits on what they call Death Row for decades.

Now, let’s be fair.  Some of them not only committed the crime of which they’re accused,  but also feel remorse, and think that they deserve what they’re getting.  I support their decision to take what’s coming to them.  As for the rest.  The innocent, the ones that believe they’re innocent, the ones that feel justified in what they did.  These people should try to escape every time.

Why?  If they stay where they are, they have two options.  The appeals process and death.  I understand if they want to exhaust the appeals process first, but once that’s done, the only thing that could save their life is a phone call from the governor.  And waiting for a pardon to save their lives is like playing the lottery to get yourself out of a financial crisis.  Sure, the solution is theoretically possible, but it’s so unlikely that you wouldn’t want to rely on it.

“But, Ceej,” you cry, “the chances of them escaping are pretty low too.”  Sure, but if they don’t try, they’re already dead.  If you’re on top of a skyscraper with a murderer chasing you with a chainsaw and your only chance at surviving is walking the tightrope to another skyscraper, do you go?  Well, I’ve had people say, “No.  I could fall off and die.”  Apparently dying is better than risking your life, so it just occurred to me why there aren’t more Death Row escape attempts.

Trying to save their lives might cause them to die.  So, instead of risking their lives, they’re just going to take the death that’s coming.  And, Americans aren’t stupid?*  Then I certainly would like to hear some other explanation for this thought process.


*When I say stupid, I don’t mean lacking intelligence.  I mean allowing their emotion to inhibit their thought process.

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  • CathyNo Gravatar says:

    Funny idea. They would probably have to payoff an officer to even get out of the cell block area because it’s so heavily guarded.

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