They Say Alcohol Is A Truth Serum…

I’ve never written an editorial (or pretty much anything) under the influence before, and personally, unlike some artists, I’ve never thought drugs actually help my art.  I’ve been stoned twice, and didn’t really enjoy it, and ever since, I’ve only really drunk socially, without any intent of getting drunk, meaning that I’m not fucked up or anything.  Just a little loopy.  Sobriety is my best state of mind these days, and I think honesty about drugs is a better policy than the scare tactics and laws dealing with it they like to do these days, but I digress.  My point is that I’ve never written an editorial under the influence before, but this is one of the few I think would be best written that way, or at least I think so now.  We’ll find out in a few hours after I sober up.  Also, in case you’re wondering, I’m a writer, so I am correcting the many typos I make as I go.  If I catch any after I sober up, I’ll correct them even then.

Alcohol is a disinhibiter.  There is no debate about that much.  The drug causes one to lose inhibitions and say or do things one might not otherwise say or do.  This is why they say it’s a truth serum.  Because, in every day society, people tend to let their true feelings stay inside, presumably out of the greater feeling of fear.  Losing these inhibitions puts all feelings aside and allows people to just be… To a point.

Inhibitions are one thing.  Just because one is drunk doesn’t mean he’s truthful.  It’s true that when someone loses inhibitions you are more likely to hear how he really feels about you or things in general, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s telling the truth.  Even drunk people are capable of calculated moves.  Sure, their judgement and timing may off.  Sure, they may stagger and spill things.  But they can still think.  At least until they pass out.  If a person truly intends to lie to you, if what they really want out of you, on the deepest level, is not an open and honest relationship, they may still be lying to you.

I wrote an article a while back about honesty in friendship and I stand by what I said even back then.  However, some people are just not honest with those they want a relationship with but can’t say so because they have issues of their own.  Not because they want to scam you, per se, but because they feel like they have to to get close to you.  Those people may come clean about how they feel while drunk.  The ones that are actually trying to scam you will not come clean because, even with inhibitions gone, the goal to scam you is still there.

Inhibitions cause some lies, charades, and façades, but not all of them.  There may be a problem in the existence, or possibly usage, of inhibitions, but alcohol is not the solution to that problem.  The first solution is to be who you are without worry of what other people think.  I know it seems like it sounds more simple than it is, and you’re right.  It isn’t as simple as it sounds, but nothing worthwhile ever is, is it?  I started doing this years ago, and I haven’t made it all the way there yet.  But, the first step is the conscious decision to do it, so if you ever expect to make it a thousand miles, you must first take that one step.

There will always be people who like you for you, as long as you have some benefit to society, so don’t be afraid of being you. Not everyone will like you, and that’s fine.  That doesn’t mean you want them to like who they think you are.

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with drugs.  If you like to drink, smoke, or otherwise do drugs, that’s your own damn business until the day it infringes on someone else’s rights.  Just make sure you’re doing it for reasons that make sense and not letting them destroy you, unless destroying you is what you want them to do.

I’m starting to sober up some and realising this may not make much sense at all, but I guess the point of all of it is twofold.  One, that drunkenness doesn’t necessarily equal truthfulness and, two, that society in general views drugs pretty much the wrong way.  Part of them thinks of drugs as medication to a problem, which is not really true.  At best, it makes you forget about the problem without actually treating it.  Part of them thinks of them as the problem, which is equally untrue.  More problems are caused by thinking of drugs this way than drugs could ever hope to cause.  Drugs just are.  It’s not any more complicated than that.

I would recommend sobriety and honesty all the way, but if you have to pick a poison, choose wisely.  I’m not drunk right now because I wanted to get fucked up (although, I have been there before, and it was a mistake every damn time).  I’ll be sober within the hour, which is good, as that’s the way I prefer it.  Not only will I think more clearly, but I’ll also sleep better.  But then, I don’t need alcohol to take away my inhibitions.  I’ve already destroyed those on my own.  And you could do it too.  Remember, drugs only borrow your inhibitions for a few hours.  Decisions can destroy them for a lifetime, and without the nasty side effects.

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