Gay Self Defence Part II: Ending A Standard Fight Quickly

If you followed my advice in Part I, you shouldn’t need to use this advice.  However, something may have gone wrong, and you might end up here anyway, so it’s good to know.  What could possibly have gone wrong?  Well, first of all, it may not have been your fault.  The bigot may have just wanted to fight no matter what.  This is rare that the right demeanour won’t cause him to back down, but not unheard of.  It’s very important, however, that you were actually willing for it to get this far because, otherwise, it probably will, and you will be ill-equipped.  And, now, let me lay out the guidelines (which again are not step by step instructions because life doesn’t work that way) for holding your own in a fight against a bigot.


Part II: Ending A Standard Fight Quickly

Note: These guidelines do not apply if your attacker is using a weapon to assault you.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of experience in the area of weapon-wielding bigots, but I’ll try to help you in Part III anyway.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the type of bigots who are known to pick fights are typically bullies.  This means they are only picking on people who are clearly physically weaker than they are.  This is also why standing your ground causes them to back off.  If you don’t fear them, then there may be something they don’t know.  So, it is almost certain that your attacker will be physically stronger than you.  Don’t be intimidated by this because strength isn’t everything.

Of course, he probably doesn’t know that.  He will attack you with all strength, if he does, which makes planning your strategy easy.  Remember, though, to only use as much force as necessary.  We’re not here to get revenge.  We just want to defend ourselves.

When an attacker is using all strength and no brains, it actually puts him at a disadvantage.  You will need to think fast, and you can use his own momentum against him.  More often than not, these types of bigots begin with a right hand punch toward your head.  Knowing this, you can easily block the first blow.  In fact, if you’re already standing, he won’t have to swing again.  You can catch his fist in your right hand, and use the continued momentum of the swing to twist him around and you’ll be holding his arm behind his back.  At that point, he’ll realise his match, so you will have to act quickly.  Push him to the floor and walk away, if you can.  Otherwise, kick him in the bollocks through his legs, and then walk away.  You can say something, as you’re walking, to the effect of, “You can’t just do whatever you want to me and expect me to take it.”  And, that might influence his decision to come after you once he gets up.

If you’re seated, you may have to block his blow with your left arm, depending on positioning.  Whatever block you use, however, catching his fist is going to be all but futile from this position.  This means you will have to quickly stand (and that often means kicking the chair or pushing the table over to rise quickly) and get right back into it.  His attack will not be the same as it was the first time.  However, although his attacks will be powerful, they will be slow and predictable.  If you watch his moves and think fast, using his momentum against him, and remembering that a nut shot will put him down instantly, you have a decent chance of getting him to the ground and walking away.

Once he’s down, the fight is over, unless he decides otherwise.  This is because you are the better man.  If you cause him unnecessary pain and injury, then you are just as bad as he is, except without the bigotry.  Also, this is a fight and there is no guarantee you will win.  Just know that, in the alternative, you can’t win.  At least, this way, you have a chance.  Even if you don’t win the fight, if you have attempted to defend yourself, you’ve accomplished a few goals.  The first is that you got your licks in too, which should make you feel better.  The second is, you’ve taken less damage than if he just did what he planned to do in the first place, which should make you physically feel better.  And the third, and most important, is you have shown the world you will defend yourself if accosted.  Even if you lose, this third part still makes it a victory.  Because, maybe next time, the bigot will think twice before messing with you.

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