Ceej Goes Hollywood! (No, Really…)

Today was the day I was going to try to sit down and post the next Mental Breakdown episode.  I mean, how long has it been?  But, then it’s only 2AM and I may bend my one-post-per-day rule by calling this Friday, posting that when I call it Saturday.

This one is an interesting story.  In the post today, I got a letter from Hollywood, California, U.S.A.  Yes.  A real letter from HillTop Records, actually signed by Tom Hartman.  Addressed and written specifically to me.  Not one of those forms used for subsidy publishing (which, by the way, typically go right in the rubbish bin).  This one is the real thing.  It even had singular postage.

You see, HillTop is putting together a compilation album of songs by rising artists and they want to review the work of none other than yours truly for possible inclusion.  The letter stated that I had very good chances of having my work accepted (which is clear because, if they sent this to a lot of people, they’d use different postage), and my work would be rerecorded and arranged in Hollywood, California, U.S.A. by some of the best in the business.  It didn’t specify that I would be performing, the vocals,  so I assume they want to cover my work.  Though, going to Hollywood has always been a dream of mine, so I hope they want me to perform.  They will also pay me royalties for every copy sold, so stay tuned and I’ll tell you what CD you should be buying, after I know what it’s called.

And, if you’ve experienced any of my parodies, poems, and other audio recordings or textual translations, your opinion as to which ones I should send in for submission would come in very handy.  After all, if I get accepted, then I may end up in Hollywood, where my screenwriting and directorial skills can also be improved by professionals with the money and equipment.   My skills are up to par, but my studio is lacking the funding to be so lucky.  So, if you know what you’re on about, that’s what the comment section is for.  Scouring my 150+ lyric sheets for the best is a task for me, and I’m not even the best to decide, what with my personal bias.  They only want three or four, presumably because even they don’t want to scour all this material (even though they technically could because it’s in the copyright office).

But, as I’ve always said, The Ceej is well renowned enough that it was only a matter of time before Hollywood found out about him.  I’m surprised it’s taken as long as it has.

UPDATE: I heard back from HillTop and they seemed very interested in my song called Good Charlatans. That wasn’t surprising as I haven’t met a person, to date, who didn’t like that song.  However, something rubbed me a little wrong when reading the letter, so I researched the company.  I’m not going to tell you exactly what I discovered, but you can research them as well if you want to know.  So, instead of signing their contract, I wrote them back with more questions.  I may be a showbiz whore, but I’m not stupid.  If they have nothing to hide, they should have no problem answering my questions.

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