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Everyone is talking about the shooting in Arizona, last week.  The entire American media, as well much of the media around the world.  Everyone has something to say.    And it all seems to be politically motivated.  Liberals spout their talking points about need for more gun control and how no one should ever turn a gun on a government worker, as well as how the rhetoric of conservatives caused this.  Fortunately, very few of them actually believe speech should be censored by external sources, but they all feel the conservatives should take responsibility for what they say.  Conservatives spout their talking points about how they don’t really feel they’re responsible.  Anarchists, not unlike myself, spout their talking points about how what happened here is actually a good thing.  Everyone is wrong and no one is saying what really needs to be said.  And why?  Two reasons.  The first being what needs to be said is not desirable to be heard.  The second being that it’s not straightforward and doesn’t make a good sound byte, thus making it hard to follow, but bear with me because it needs to be said.

Let me digress into a topic whose relevance you will discover later, if you don’t mind.  The most famous of the founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, once said, “When the people fear their government, you have tyranny.  When the government fears its people, you have liberty.”  The problem here isn’t really as simple as people make it out to be.  The people of the United States don’t exactly fear their government.  It’s a bit more complicated than that.  In the developed world, you don’t really have any governments that use fear as their only means of oppression, these days.  Sure, those governments exist, and you often have other governments fighting them over basic human rights, as if they’re any better than China, but we don’t need a digression on a digression.  No.  Fear is only a small part.  There are a few other factors that overshadow the fear in the governments of developed countries.  One of which I call crack policies.  These are policies that the people don’t really need, but once you give them to the people, they become addicted and don’t want to give them up.  Hence why I name them after a drug.  Entitlement programmes make up the bulk of these.  Just remember, you’re not getting it for free.  They have to steal it from you before they can give it back to you.  The other is peer pressure.  They keep the people convinced to stay in line, as a whole, making anyone who would fight back not do so because they don’t think anyone else would.  And, finally, fear.  Threats of bodily harm or locking in a cage if one does not comply with the government.  These three aspects build the public complacency in developed world governments.  Different countries may use them in different ratios, but they’re the same three ingredients.  So, the American people don’t so much fear their government so much as they are complacent with it.  Much like a battered wife stays with her abusive husband out of complacency.

But, does the government fear its people?  Probably not enough.  I mean, this was not the first attempt on a politician’s life in recent time, and certainly won’t be the last.  In fact, the TEA Party movement in the States used to be something completely different.  When it was discovered, the media ridiculed it and the politicians changed it from the inside.  What was once a revolutionary movement is now a sack of nuts.  So, they feared it enough to destroy it, but they continue to operate the same way.  There are small groups and individuals who actually try things, but as a whole, the government does not fear its people.  I believe, if Thomas Jefferson knew of this possibility, he would have called it tyranny.

So, with that digression out of the way, we have established that the United States government is tyrannical.  So, since I support revolution that would take down tyrannies, I must be in favour of what Mr. Loughner did.  No.  I’m not.  Why not?  One man walking into a store in an attempt to kill one congresswoman is wrong in every conceivable way.

First, it was tactically wrong.  You’re not going to solve anything by randomly assassinating government officials, especially when you’re acting alone.  If you can get enough people together to revolt, that’s what the conservatives meant by second amendment solutions.  Tactically, if you want to act alone, it’s going to take far more strategy than walking into a store and shooting anything that moves.  On top of that, his services are no longer any use while he’s in prison.

Second, it was morally wrong.  There was no rhyme or reason to the method.  He just seemed to have shot the first politician he saw.  People, if you’re going to attempt to kill government officials, please at least have a reason for it.  If one harasses you for not following its ridiculous laws, it’s self defence.  If the government as a whole is misbehaving, then you need to plan your strategy to take them all down at once.

Now, I didn’t actually read (or even find) it myself, but one of Signorile‘s guests, the other day was talking about the things Mr. Loughner said on his website.  While some of it was, as the guest said, indicative of mental illness (for example, the way a name is typed on a birth certificate changing whether you are legally required to pay taxes), a lot of it was very true.  I think that people use the crazy things someone says to discount the true things, but then, that works both ways.  I could use some of the crazy things Signorile and his guests say to attempt to discredit everything he says, but that would be logically fallacious.  We all say crazy things from time to time.  Stuff such as the American dollar having no real value, the U.S. government currently attempting to control everyone, the allegorical nature of George Orwell novels like Animal Farm and 1984 applying to the United States government are all very true.

So, if you’re planning on going out and shooting a government official today, and you’ve run across this article, take my advice.  Don’t do it.  You’re of no use to the resistance if you do something stupid and get locked up.  There are plenty more like you.  Just find some, and make your plan tactical and effective so the deaths are not in vain like they were last week in Arizona.

For that was not a sad day because a few people were killed.  It was a sad day because the government’s reaction to it only foreshadows a much larger tragedy some time in the future.

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