Businesses Scam Americans (A Collection Of Miniature Issues)

So, it has been recently brought to my attention that a person in the United States can go to and simultaneously and make an identical purchase at both of those websites and end up paying a good percentage less buying from Canadian Amazon, despite paying for the exchange rate and international shipping.  I can’t say this surprises me.  Americans have always enjoyed being ripped off by corporations.  Canadians, on the other hand, polite as they are, don’t take that kind of crap.  Also, from experience, I can tell you that it’s half as expensive to phone the United States from the United Kingdom as it is to phone the United Kingdom from the United States.  And, furthermore, Americans pay long distance charges to call Canada, but Canadians call the States at no charge beyond their regular phone bills.  Why?  Because Americans love being ripped off.  Don’t believe me?  Watch them drive six kilometres to the store to pay $1.50 for a bottle of water that they could get at home for 3¢.   It can’t be stupidity.  No.  They can’t all be that stupid, can they?  The corporations lie to them about how much it costs, and they pay it, not because they believe it, but because they enjoy being ripped off.  Don’t believe me?  Go to an auction in America and watch how much they pay for a worthless piece of cardboard just because some sport player’s picture is on it.  It reminds me of Hellraiser where they said pain was pleasure.  In America, slavery is freedom.  The American government and corporations tell the people they need to “buy American” to boost the economy, but America doesn’t have a product.  Unless you consider debt and entertainment products.  The former, I wouldn’t.  The latter, it depends on who’s making it.  So, these American products they want you to buy are the same crap you’d buy in other countries.  The real reason they want you to buy American is so you don’t see how much more it costs to buy it in the States.

My second issue.  Email.  Or so I’ve been typing it for the last God knows how many years.  You can also say it E-mail, e-mail, email, e-Mail, etc.  There is no correct way to spell it because it’s just slang.  Or, is there?  Let’s take a look at the etymology of the word.  The concept dates back to 1965 when IBM computers began to be able to send each other messages at the behest of their users.  They called these messages, “electronic mail.”  So, the “E” is short for electronic and mail, of course, is American slang for post.  Rather widely used for slang.  Even some postal workers use the term “mailbox” despite the fact they normally use the word, “post.”  So, if we look at shortening electronic mail in this manner, we have to look at how similar phrases were abbreviated in the past.

Escherichia coli (E. coli)

Edmond Honda (E. Honda)

East Crawford (E. Crawford)

So, using these three examples, it stands to reason that the correct abbreviation of  electronic mail would be, “E. mail.”

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