Let’s Hear It For Those Vets!

Considering that America is celebrating, today, what they call Veterans’ Day, I figure now is probably a good time to honour a few American veterans specifically.

Colonel Patrick Parish for doing the heroic thing of torturing a 15-year-old Canadian boy to coerce a terrorism confession out of him, and subsequently charging him, and the  military judge for not only hearing the case, but keeping the verdict secret.  Way to go, you heroes!  Torture is a staple of freedom.

Speaking of torture, let’s honour Lynndie England for doing her fair share of keeping America safe utilising one of the most important aspects of freedom.

Andrew Holmes, Michael Wagnon, Jeremy Morlock, and Adam Winfield for doing the heroic thing of killing Afghan civilians for sport and collecting their fingers as trophies of their heroic work.  What heroes these boys are.  How could Americans ever have freedom without fine young men like you killing random people for sport?

Senior Airman Adam Grant, for discharging Sergeant Jene Newsome after police reported to him her marriage license to a *GASP* woman! How dare she serve her country while married to a woman!?  Mr. Grant, you did the heroic thing by discharging this sexual deviant from your forces rather than punishing the police officer who actually did the telling that DADT prohibits.

Well, I guess we can’t honour these veterans specifically, because their identity is being kept secret to protect their lives.  Thanks to that terrorist, Brad Manning, for committing the crime of exposing their heroic act of killing twelve people including two journalists, and two children.  We may have known their names if their heroic acts hadn’t been leaked in that act of treason.

Also, these fine young men, for just showing up in the middle of the night and killing nearly an entire family without first making sure they were any threat.  I mean, random people have to be killed to keep freedom alive.

This is, by no means, an inclusive list.  I simply didn’t have the time to compile as many examples as I’d liked.  So, next time you see an American veteran, thank him or her for the brave and selfless service he or she is providing for your country.  After all, it takes a very special kind of person to be willing to put all morals aside and do whatever barbaric or inhumane things necessary to fight for your freedom.  And, as you know, it takes a very special person to take orders to invade another country without question.

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