Why Do You Care About Money?

Money has no value.  None.  Whatsoever.  It never has.  It never will.  If you do business in money, you’re being ripped off, but worse, you’re ripping others off.  If money had any sort of value, it would have to be consistent.

A bag of rice: £1

A 150 carat diamond: £3000

Which is worth more?  Clearly the rice is worth more.  The rice feeds hungry people.  The diamond is invaluable.  And I mean that in the literal sense of the word.  The diamond has no value.  It is worthless.  It’s simply a rock.  So, why does the diamond cost 2999 more pounds than the rice?  Some would say rarity.  That’s bullshit, though, because I have world’s only model of the Eiffel Tower made of used bandages and I can’t even get as much for it as the bag of rice.  If the rarity argument is correct, it should have a price higher than that of the diamond because it’s one of a kind, which makes it the most rare of all.

Some would say beauty.  Well, I have an earring that looks exactly like a diamond, and it only cost me £2.  But, then, it came with a dozen other earrings.  Looks exactly like a diamond, yet doesn’t have nearly the price tag of the diamond.  So, that blows the beauty argument away.

My nemesis told me when you by the diamond, you’re buying social status.  If that makes any sense to you, let me know.  Anyone who would want that kind of social status, let alone pay £3000 for it should be committed.  But then, go into any jewellery store that specialises in diamond rings, and  they’ll be up front with you that you should be committed.  After all, they’re in the business of commitment.  They get paid when you are committed.  I think I’ve rubbed that pun into the ground.  Moving along.

How about bottled water?  I mean, you can get over a hundred litres of water from your spigot before it even costs you one pound.  The plastic bottle itself costs less than one pound.  So, why is it when the plastic bottle is full of the water it’s so expensive?  Must be for the same reason they tell you you’ll get sick if you use the same bottle twice.  You won’t, by the way.  They’re lying to you to sell you more bottles.

Money is not real.  Money is simply a tool the corporations use to acquire and maintain power.  Stop using it and they lose their power.

I mean, what’s to stop anybody from creating their own currency and dealing only in that?  From now on, if you’re going to pay me money, you have to pay me in ankhs.  And, if you want money from me, you have to take it from me in ankhs.  You want it in another form?  Find someone to convert it.  That makes as much sense as pounds, euros, dollars, franks, yen, yuan, rubles,  pesos, etc., anyway.  No more.  No less.  If people think those currencies make sense, then their agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement to do business with me in ankhs.  If they think ankhs are stupid, then their agreement to that constitutes a legally binding agreement that they will stop using all money whatsoever.  If they are in violation of their respective agreement, they agree that I maintain the right to cut off their genitals.

And, if they think my legally binding agreements are illegal, then why do they submit when companies tell them their legally binding agreements are legal?  Mine are just as legal as theirs are.

But I digress.  The use of money is causing the global economy crash.  It’s worse in the United States what with all the digital counterfeiting and housing all those illegal corporations and all, but the whole world economy is going down.  Why try to save it?  There’s no consistency to it.  I welcome…  Ne.  Beg its end.  For we can never have  a good system while people are still using this rubbish.

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