Happy 11th Of September!

Are you going to have  a barbecue?

Yes!  I’ve been waiting for that opportunity since my American friends told me, “Happy 4th of July!” and asked me if I was going to have a barbecue.

They didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with celebrating a terrorist act, so following their logic,  I’m celebrating one that happened against them.  No barbecue, of course, but there will be fun, fun, fun!  Fireworks will represent aeroplane explosions.  There will be a guy dressed like George W. Bush who sits there reading a book the whole time.  Okay, he won’t have fun.  But, he’s taking one for the team.  So we can laugh at him.  And Tony Blair will be there doing stand-up comedy about how George Bush ruined his career by making him feel instead of think.

Americans, if it is okay to celebrate the day you committed terrorist acts against your own country, then it’s okay to celebrate the day someone else committed terrorist acts against your country.

So, kick back a beer, relax, and enjoy the 11th of September festivities.

And, if this editorial offends you, remember that next July before asking me if I’m going to celebrate your war crimes with a barbecue.

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