My Opinion On Illegal Immigration…

I’m for it.

As far as I’m concerned, there are no countries.  There are no borders.  No forms to fill out if you elect to move to another location.  If you want to go somewhere, go.  Whose business is it but yours?

I have one caveat, though.  Make sure you know how to communicate with the people who live where you’re going before you go.  Don’t expect them to automatically talk like you.  If you’re going to have difficulties, bring your own translator along to make things easier on both yourself and the people who are already there.

That said, governments have no right to tell people who can and can’t live on what they call their land.  Because governments don’t own the land.  Government is another word for bully.  If they say, “You can live here if you fill out this paperwork,” then you tell them what they can do to themselves if they don’t like the way you do it.  There’s really nothing they can do that you don’t allow them to.

“But, Ceej! you cry, “They’re taking my jobs!”

Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t realise you were a hard worker that has gone to school for four years so you could pick fruit or break apart plastic.  Well, perhaps you should get a job cooking in a Mexican restaur– Oh, wait.

They’re not taking your jobs because they’re here illegally.  They’re taking your jobs because they work harder than you.  That’s a legitimate reason to take someone’s job.  You want them to not take it?  Work harder.

They’re not any more criminals than other people who are in the country legally.  About the same ratio.  And why should I have been called a citizen of the United States?  I never filled out the paperwork.  I didn’t even want to be a citizen.  They called me one anyway.  They were fucking wrong.  Only I can say whether or not I’m a citizen of the country where I reside, and I was not.  My being born there didn’t automatically make me anything.   I guess they also can’t control where I go. That is because I don’t recognise a country exists anywhere.  Yet, they call people born within the borders a citizen and that citizen has just as much chance of being a criminal as someone who just moved in today.

There is absolutely no legitimate concern about illegal immigration.  Every complaint people make about it can be made about people who go through proper channels or even people born in your country (such as yourself).  Even the language barrier.  People go through proper channels all the time and still don’t learn the language of their new location.  It’s not about the channels.  It’s about respect for fellow man.  If they have it, they will learn the language, work hard, and not commit crimes.  If you have it, you will tolerate and accept their presence, work hard to compete, and not commit your own.

And, when I say crimes, I say it, not in the sense of legality, but in the sense of decency.  I don’t believe in laws, but I believe in a personal code of conduct and, to me, crime is a violation of that.

A lot of people have a problem loving their fellow man and I hate people like that.

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There are 4 Comments to "My Opinion On Illegal Immigration…"

  • AnkhNo Gravatar says:

    OMG! The last sentence was ironical! You are, of course, completely right. Not a single thing you said in this article was the least bit incorrect.

    • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

      I don’t love my fellow man, and I DO hate him, but at least I respect his rights.

      • SouravNo Gravatar says:

        Come now, take a deep breath. Opposing gaelill immigration does not automatically equate with hatred of gaelill immigrants. One can certainly take the position that our immigration laws should be strictly enforced, while recognizing that most (not all!) of these immigrants are personally decent people trying to help their families out.But they should not break our laws to do so. Simple as that. Unless you know the hearts and attitudes of all the anti-immigration (really anti-ILLEGAL immigration) folks, you owe them the courtesy of not assuming bad intentions.

        • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

          They’re advocating using violence against people just because they didn’t go through some arbitrary process to cross an imaginary line in the sand. What good intention could there possibly be?

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