Product Review: Keyboard & Mouse

Some of you might know that I’ve built my own gaming rig to compete with MicroSony’s consoles, because they’ve apparently lost touch with what customers want. I wasn’t going to be left out of the next generation of gaming, but I also wasn’t going to give them any more money until they start listening to consumers.

So, my rig, which I call the LUC Box (or the Beast, as I like to call it when I’m stroking its RAM) went online for the first time in January 2014, and it’s great. It’s had some minor upgrades since then, most recently, I gave it a gaming keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard I bought was the Masione Domineering USB Gaming Keyboard, and the mouse was the Zelotes 5500.


If you’re a PC gamer, your first thought might be, “Wait! Those aren’t high end gaming hardware!” And maybe you’re right. They were quite affordable, which was actually the first thing I liked about them.

I use the Logitech F310 for most of my gaming, which is a fine gamepad in its own right, so I didn’t really need some super-powerful keyboard and mouse. I use the keyboard and mouse for a few games, but mostly for navigation and video, and they are awesome at both.

They may be cheap, but they certainly don’t feel that way. I love the ergonomic way the mouse fits in my hand, and that trigger button (which I presume is made for FPS games) is a great shortcut to a double click. I’ve used a lot of cheap mice in my day, but I wouldn’t call this one of them. It was a quality mouse for a cheap price.

Both the keyboard and mouse allow cycling through the colours of the lights. The keyboard is green by default, and the mouse “breathes” as it cycles through the colours. Once you choose the one you like, both will stay that way until you change it. The downside is that the keyboard defaults back to green every time you boot up, but at least it’s easy to change, if green is not the colour you want.

Some of the key placements take some getting used to, but there’s noting in too weird a place where it just feels wrong. It responds well, it gives you controls right there on the keyboard that you might not otherwise have easy access to, and most importantly, it looks really cool.

And let’s be fair. The main reason I bought these items is they look cool. Everything else is just gravy. So, while they’re not without their faults (but, really, what is?), they are a great value for the money you’re paying. If you’re building yourself a gaming rig, or just want to upgrade the one you have, I would strongly recommend this keyboard and mouse.

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