Product Review: Social Fixer

Well, I’ve talked a lot of shit about Facebook.  I coined its nickname, “The Big F,” as well as used nicknames others have come up with such as Assbook and Fascistbook.  I understand what it’s for, and I don’t really care for it.  But, as a public figure, I’m pretty much required to use it for selling myself.  What’s a comedian to do?

Sure, I make fun of it.  Oh, God, do I make fun of it!  It’s a comedy goldmine!  But, other than that, what do I do?

Well, I installed AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, and Facebook Disconnect on my browser.  That gets rid of most of the adverts and all the trackers, but it doesn’t fix the buggy nightmare that gives The Big F its eponymous big F.

I found this plug-in called Social Fixer.  It’s a highly customisable user interface for Facebook that tries to make it a lot easier to use.  How did it fare?

Well, the first thing I noticed was that the stories about the Super Bowl I thought I had blocked, I didn’t.  Using “regular expressions” to block content you wish not to see has a high learning curve.  It works if you do it right, but good luck doing it right.

Other than that, I was able to change the appearance of Facebook so the text was light on a dark background, hide stories I had already seen from my feed (as opposed to just turning off notifications), easily type multi-line comments without inadvertently posting them before I was done, hover the mouse over a photo to see the large version without opening a new tab or changing the page I was on, among many other things…

The dark theme I like stopped working this morning, so it’s not without its bugs, but if only Facebook had as few bugs as Social Fixer, SF would not have been necessary.  And remember, Facebook is created by a large company run by a billionaire who make money out the wazoo by selling information about your wazoo.  Social Fixer is just a few guys trying to fix the problems that Fuckerberg doesn’t really care to fix.  To put that in perspective, they’re doing a far better job at making the Facebook experience with their limited resources than Facebook is doing with all the money in the world.

I would recommend staying away from Facebook if you can. If you can’t, I would recommend using Social Fixer for a much better experience.  Four out of five stars.

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