Charity Or Cult? A Public Service Announcement

I’d like to preface by saying there’s nothing funny intended in this article.  It’s pure, real, legitimate public service announcement.

I went grocery shopping the other day, and I noticed the old bell-ringers are at it again.

Let’s look past the obvious point that annoying someone with a bell is a terrible way to get them to give you money and focus on some more disturbing facts about the Salvation Army that they don’t want you to know.

First and foremost, the Salvation Army is registered as a church, and they are most certainly not a charity.  Some of your money goes to help nice white, heterosexual, Christian families, but a lot of it goes toward discrimination, anti-gay lobbying, and PR stunts that are thinly veiled and incredibly fallacious attempts to dispel concern without actually denying any of the allegations.

You think I’m being bitter or hyperbolic?  Well, why don’t you listen to many complaints, evidence, and alternatives:

Before You Give To The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army: Doing “The Most Good”?

Common Objections To Boycotting The Salvation Army

Don’t Give To The Anti-Gay Salvation Army

This is right.  The Salvation Army has gone as far as stealing back donations they already gave out because they later found out the recipients didn’t fit into their narrow, Christian conservative worldview.

There have been many articles on Why You Shouldn’t Donate To The Salvation Army, and I can’t possibly link to them all.

 But, a good rule of thumb is to never give to any charity until after you have done all your research and are comfortable with not only their mission statement, but where all your money goes.


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