It Just Keeps Getting Better…

This news is probably going to blow you right away.  Well, maybe not right away.  It’ll probably take you out for dinner first.

Most of you already know that “Weird Al” Yankovic owns autographed copies of two The Ceej CD’s.  What you probably don’t know is that Mr. Yankovic has been trying to buy my The Ceej persona for many years now.  I’ve always turned him down.  I couldn’t sell him the right to use my name.  What would I have left?

But, on Friday, he hit my price.  The money is good, but the money isn’t what’s important.  He gets my name, but the awesome part is, I get his.  The artist formerly known as Weird Al will, from now on, be known as The Ceej.  And I…  This is exciting…  I will be known as “Weird Al” Yankovic.

You may have noticed the headers on the websites have been changing to reflect this.  It may take a week or two, but my webmaster and I will have to comb through all the websites and update every use of my name.  We’ll also have to have the old CD’s reprinted, and the website URL’s updated.  It’ll be a lot of work.  But,  it’s good work.  Because, from now on, I’m “Weird Al” Yankovic!  And, isn’t that exciting?

EDIT:  In case you couldn’t tell the first time, due to the absurdity of it all,


Thanks, for all of you who either fell for it or played along…

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