What, Exactly, Is A Nut Job?

I was watching the latest episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit, Friday, with a drink in my hand and a bottle of Tanqueray in my system, when I came to one of those profound realisations that hit you while you’re drunk.  I didn’t remember exactly what it was, that I came up with, but I remembered I said it to a friend, so I pulled up my IM chat log and found it.  I would have posted this yesterday, except I didn’t know if I could articulate it.  I gave myself a couple days to put it in sober words.

The show was about vaccinations, and they had a couple nut jobs yelling about how vaccinations contain mercury, formaldehyde, and mouse brains, among other things.   The argument being that vaccines caused autism. All of which, Penn & Teller either explained why they were there or debunked that they were.  I thought they were crazy.  And, then, it hit me like a bag of wet mice in the face.  One of these “nut jobs,” said this:

Follow the money.  Follow the money because that’s what motivates these people.  I believe that doctors don’t become doctors to heal people.  I believe they become doctors to make money.

And that’s when I realised what was really going on.  What nut jobs really were.  True, he’s wrong about doctors being in it to make money.  I mean, he was half-right.  Money is certainly part of it.  Power is what they want, and money is typically the best way there.

A nut job is not a victim of a psychological disorder or a chemical imbalance.  A nut job is simply someone who has been deliberately fed misinformation to throw the rest of us off the trail to the truth.  I mean, to most of us, the idea that vaccines cause autism is absurd.  But, having a few nut jobs adamantly protesting vaccines on those grounds with these arguments throws us off the trail to the truth.  That is, the medical industry does keep us under control by making us sick, preventing us from being sick, or telling us we’re sick.  They take our money and medicate us.  And so, nut jobs yelling about a clearly false thing they do helps them to get away with the real stuff.  They use basic knowledge of human nature to cause them to emotionally agree with this, and the rest of the work does itself.

Case in point: Sarah Palin.

Does anyone really believe she’s a right-wing nut job? Yes. That’s the problem.  When she was governor of Alaska, she wrote an article on the environment. This was a clearly leftist article which outlined Alaska’s environmental policy, and clearly written by an intelligent woman.  So, why does she come off as right-wing and stupid? She works for the president.

Her job, during the campaign, was to sabotage McCain’s campaign by tricking him into thinking he agreed with her, which isn’t hard, but then fool the American people in the same way, which is even easier.  Once Obama took office, she resigned as governor to be a Facebook blogger?  Does anyone believe that? Sadly, yes.  If her goal was truly to challenge the president, she would get a lot more done as governor than blogger. Blogga, please.

Now, she’s leading a group of people whose goal was once to usurp government power. She’s turned them into crazy nut jobs. And, now, no truly legitimate criticism of the president sticks.  All you hear about are how he’s not a citizen, how he’s a Muslim, a socialist, a terrorist, a “reverse racist” (whatever the fuck that is), etc.  But there are plenty of legitimate complaints.  They just don’t get heard through all the nut jobs.

So, the next time you hear a nut job talking about something clearly ridiculous, tell him about how he is hurting his cause by buying this bullshit.  They keep us under control by making their own strawmen, and making us adopt them. Then, when someone says something legitimate, they sound just like the nut job.

Nut jobs, think about that.  You’re not sick. You’re just being used by your enemy.  If you used your brain instead of your heart, you’d see that.  Forget your ego for a minute, and attempt to prove yourself wrong.  You’ll find out you weren’t that far from the truth, but you were far enough from it to sound crazy.

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  • AnkhNo Gravatar says:

    I heard Obama wants to make a law requiring people to join the army even if there’s not a war going on. The penalty for not complying would be two years in prison. Hmm, two years in prison or two years in the army? I’ll take prison.

    • AnkhNo Gravatar says:

      Oh, and I’d go for life because if the bill made it through and got signed into law, I would get a gun to kill anybody who tried to take me to jail for breaking that idiotic law. Seriously.

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