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It seems I’ve gotten a recent surge of new fans (and a few enemies, I suppose).  Welcome to all of you.

However, there is a downside to this.  Any time I have a surge in views, I get a surge in spammers.  The spammers apparently have also gotten pretty good at what they do, making many spam posts resemble legitimate posts and vice versa.

This often causes legitimate comments to get caught in my spam filter.  This is especially frequent as of late.  If your comment doesn’t show immediately, it will when I clean out my spam filter.  I don’t censor my readers.

Recently, I’m spending more time cross referencing the data submitted in posting, when I think it may be a legitimate post.  The good news is the same IP address has often posted several other comments that are obviously spam, but this is not always the case.  When in doubt, I will always assume a post is from a real person.  I’d rather the occasional spam comment get through than one legitimate reader be censored.  I may delete the website submitted from the information to be safe, but I will leave the comment itself intact.

If you have submitted a comment, and it hasn’t shown up within a reasonable period of time (usually two business days, except during my holidays), you may use the contact link at the top of my page to explain to me what you said, on what post you said it, or any other information I could use to white list you to prevent the problem from happening again.

As someone adamantly opposed to censorship, you can be sure that, if your post is not showing, it’s not because I’m silencing your opinion, so I will be more than happy to get it to show as soon as I know it’s there.

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