When Ra’s Chariot Runs An Hour Slow…

Parts of the world have already switched their clocks to Summer Time.  The rest of the Wrong World will soon follow.

So, Summer Time is the wrong thing to do?  Well, it sure is.  First of all, it’s enforced at gunpoint (the government decrees what time it is, and that’s violent by definition).  But, let’s look past that.  It’s also factually incorrect.

Summer Time as we know it was first conceived by American statesman, Benjamin Franklin.  I know what you’re thinking, “It figures an American would come up with something so stupid.”  It’s not that simple.  He first came up with it as a joke.  The punchline, I think, went something like, “And if I could have moved all that daylight to the night, I could have used it.”  It was English-born New Zealand resident, George Hudson, that first seriously proposed it to people who would listen.

Since it began, the governments who mandate it have been changing the reasons.  Why?  Because the reasons keep getting proven wrong.  “But Ceej, the reasons for many of their other laws are proven wrong and they just ignore that!”  What can I say?  They’re nothing if not inconsistent.

I remember a claim once, which I can’t seem to verify was ever an official claim, that it was supposed to benefit farmers.  The reality is, farmers don’t care what the clocks say because the clocks are irrelevant to their schedules.  Farmers’ schedules are dictated by that which they farm.

They once made a claim it reduces traffic accidents. That’s part of a correct sentence.  The correct sentence would be, “Summer time reduces traffic accidents on the way home from work but increases them on the way to work, thus resulting in no significant change to said accidents.”

The most recent claim is that it reduces energy costs during the summer by reducing the amount of lighting used.  While, it is correct that it reduces the amount of lighting used, lighting uses far less electricity – especially in these days of CFL bulbs being the norm in home lighting – than the air conditioner and heater units that run more as a result of summer time.  And why are they run more?  The time shift causes those morning hours  before work to still be dark cold enough for a heater and the later hours where they’re home to have sunlight pouring in the windows, requiring the use of an air conditioning unit.  Had the time not shifted, most people would be asleep during the cold part and at work during the hot part, thus reducing the running of these appliances.

Some complaints that are ignored by proponents include the sleep deprivation caused by attempting to shift people’s circadian rhythms among other issues which pale in comparison to this.

“But, Ceej.  This just explains why it’s a bad idea to shift the clocks! Why is summer time factually incorrect?”

I’m glad you asked.  I just set a sundial in the back yard.  I set it up exactly correct with the gnomon facing true north.  As I look at it right now (which is at least several days before you’re reading it), it tells me it’s a little after half past noon.  My watch tells me that it’s 13:36 (that’s 1:36 PM for those of you on a 12-hour day).  At a discrepancy of one hour, clearly one of the two devices must be wrong.  I had an expert examine my sundial and he assures me that it is set up scientifically and mathematically accurately, so the time is correct.

So, if it’s a little over half past noon, it’s not a little over half past one, thus making summer time factually incorrect.  I believe this means I need to set my clocks back an hour to correct this inaccuracy and show up to appointments accordingly.  After all, it’s not my fault if they choose to go by the wrong time.  I have my sundial as empirical evidence of the correct time, thus making me right and them wrong, nya nya nyanya nya nya!

You guys should do the same.  If you want the sun out for the majority of your day, adjust your schedule for that.  Just don’t try to take mine with you by rigging the clocks.

There are 2 Comments to "When Ra’s Chariot Runs An Hour Slow…"

  • LelyNo Gravatar says:

    Well they changed it last year so now DST sartts on the second Sunday of March, which was three weeks earlier than in the past, and it ends on the first Sunday of November, one week later than in years past. So now we have 8 out of 12 months on DST I wish they would just pick one and stick with it.

    • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

      First, I apologise your comment got caught in my spam filter.

      But, as I said in the article, it varies from region to region. We’re all on summer time now but, when I wrote it, part of the world had switched and part of the world hadn’t yet.

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