Yeah, Yeah… Keep Your Trousers On…

In a local book store, I found a book titled, The Naked Roommate.  I was intrigued enough to find out what they might say about this naked roommate and, much to my dismay, they recommended attempting to compromise.  The roommate would no doubt see this as  comparable to compromising with a racist.  “Excuse me.  I’ve thought about it and I’m willing to stop hating Mexicans and Indians if you’ll let me continue hating blacks.”

It doesn’t work that way.  We don’t compromise with the irrational.  We don’t bend to demands from those who have no case.  If someone who was ophidiophobic phoned a zoo and said, “I really have a strong problem with snakes and I need you to remove them from your zoo before I come,” the zoo would just laugh at them.

The fact is, we were all born nudists.  Without exception.  Show me one person who was born wearing a pair of trousers and I’ll admit the possibility that I’m wrong.  Some of us choose to wear clothing.  That’s right.  Wearing clothes is a choice.  Being naked is the default.  If anyone has a right to complain about whether or not people wear clothes, it’s the nudists, considering they’re the ones who are wearing what nature dictates they wear.  Nothing at all.

Some people are so insane in their discomfort around naked people that they have gone so far as to pay the governments of the world to pass laws against it.  These people are known as gymnophobes.  Gynmophobia is the irrational fear of nudity.  Only a gymnophobe would pass or enforce a law mandating a person wear clothing.

So, then, why does our entire society pander to gymnophobes?  One can only guess.  But, I do happen to know that gymnophobes are in a minority based on the outrageous arguments they’re forced to use to gain a perceived majority.  They’re most often seen using the What About The Children fallacy.  This is the same fallacy used against me when I went to court for saying, “fuck.”  It’s highly effective because it’s supposed to send people into extreme emotional mode so as to avoid having them think about it.  This means that it’s knowingly and wilfully used to manipulate the public into acting against their own interests and opinions.

That’s right.  Gymnophobes know they’re in a minority.  They know that the vast majority of the general public doesn’t give two shits about seeing a naked body.  So, they can’t win in a logical debate and they know that, if they don’t win, they’re likely to see naked people rather frequently, especially in the summer.  For this reason, they shift to an extreme appeal to emotion to cease all thought about it and get what they want.

You  know, I have the answer.  If you want to wear clothes, that’s your business.  Do as you will.  If you want to take a walk in the buff, that’s also your business.  Do as you will.   There’s nothing indecent about being naked in public, but there is a world of indecency in forcing people to wear clothes at gunpoint.  If you don’t want to see someone who’s naked, then don’t look.  But, using violence against peaceful people and having them registered as sex offenders for life simply because you don’t like what they’re (not) wearing?  Now, that’s nothing short of stone cold evil.

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