Prejudice Against People Is Not The Worst Kind

I think it’s pretty much a given that bigotry against a person or group of people is wrong.  Sure, some people will disagree, but those are usually bigots themselves.  To judge an entire group of people based on one thing they all have in common, be it race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. is prejudice, and therefore bigotry.  I don’t need to argue that point.  You already know it.  You already agree.

But, there is more than prejudice against people.  There is prejudice against ideas too.  As I’ve pointed out here and here, there is ubiquitous prejudice in music.  Namely genrism.  Where someone will judge music based on some arbitrary word attached to it that holds little to no information about what the song sounds like.

One such bigot blocked me from his blog because I pointed it out.  To paraphrase Rob, he said, “I demand that you lie to me so I can continue believing I’m not a bigot or I will block you so I can continue believing I’m not a bigot because it’s easier than ceasing to be a bigot.”

Ankh Infinitus was more reasonable.  He admitted his bigotry, but he stated that music doesn’t have feelings, so it’s not wrong.

Ankh, you know that getting hung up on feelings is a red herring.  You’ve written so much about feelings and how the way you feel is irrelevant.  Bigotry isn’t wrong because it hurts someone’s feelings.  Bigotry is wrong because brings thinking to a  dead halt.

And, yes, some more extreme cases of bigotry against people end up in people being hurt or killed, but why does bigotry against people exist?

Because bigotry exists.

Bigotry has existed before people knew of anyone different from themselves.  Prejudice against ideas came first.  Prejudice against ideas continues.  Prejudice against ideas is exactly why prejudice against people is possible.  In fact, prejudice against people is just prejudice against ideas that contradict their preconceived notions.  Ideas that these people are just people like you and me.

To argue that prejudice is only wrong if people get hurt…  Well…  That’s to argue that prejudice is always wrong, even if people aren’t directly hurt.  The next time you find yourself with a preconceived notion preventing you from acquiring new information, think to yourself, “Thinking like this often ends up in people being hurt.  I had better have a willingness to give new ideas a chance before making judgements.”

If you’ve never heard a country song you like, then listen to a second or third one, and you might like that one instead.  Otherwise, you may end up one day saying that you’ve never met a black person you liked, and therefore thinking you don’t like black people.

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  • OpetNo Gravatar says:

    OF COURSE gay marriage slohud be legal! Why the heck not? If you love someone, you slohud be able to marry them.Christians saying that they are offended by gay marriage supporters calling them bigots is like if a millionaire complained because a homeless person wants a few dollars. I hate to say it, but White male Christians STILL have the upperhand in this country and I deeply loathe this fact.These people are just afraid of what they don’t know. The definition of marriage being one man and one woman is ridiculous. It slohud be two people cuz that’s what we all are, isn’t it? PEOPLE!!!!!! The word gay wasn’t even originally meant to be homosexual . Words in the english language change definition and connotation all the time. What something meant 100 years ago could be different now. Gays are NOT insulting Christians, they are fighting for rights that they slohudn’t have to fight for. They’re fighting for rights that slohud be automatic.I also think it was EXTREMELY RUDE AND UNFLATTERING when they didn’t let Dr. Mark speak and just shouted over him. How UNTASTEFUL and MEAN and DISGUSTING of them. These people close their eyes on purpose and refuse to see anybody else’s way. Tey are CHILDISH and BRATTY and just plain STUPID.I could go on ranting all day, as this is an issue which I feel strongly about, but alas, if I go on any further, I might break my keyboard as I am typing so furiously!

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