Tax Evasion Is Not A Crime…

From time to time, you hear about the guy who got fired from his job and then walked into the place and shot a lot of people where he used to work.  The government gets the media to portray this guy as a villain, but I guess it’s because they want a monopoly on the practice.

If you’re fired from your job, your boss stops paying you, and you are required to step down from the position.  To continue to do the job can be met with forced removal from the premises and to use violence to receive pay will almost always be met with prison time or death.

Unless you work for the government.

If you’re a senator, and I decide to fire you, I may send you a letter of termination, saying you no longer represent me, and then stop paying taxes because, after all, you’ve been fired.  Which is, as your employer, my prerogative.  In doing so, I’ve removed the authority of the police to enforce payment.  After all, if I’ve fired them, they no longer have the authority to “serve and protect,” if that’s what they want to call that violent thing they do.

It’s not tax evasion.  It’s termination.  If my neighbour still pays taxes, you still have authority over him.  It’s not my business if he still desires your services.  However, you no longer have it over me.

Now, let’s say you respond to this termination with violence.  You send men with guns to my house and threaten me with violence and then kidnap me and lock me in a cage.  How does that make you any better than the man who returns to his old job with a gun and shoots a bunch of people?

I’ll tell you how.  It doesn’t.  Not paying taxes is not a crime.  Why?  Because someone who doesn’t pay taxes is not your client.  And you don’t have authority over people who aren’t your client.

What if my old therapist came to my house with a gun and tried to kidnap me for “therapy bill evasion”?  Well, that would be silly.  That would be insane.  That would be criminal.  It’s the same when the government does it and calls it “tax evasion.”

Of course, it would give me the legal and moral right to defend myself against these police.  That’s right.  If they ended up dead because I defended myself, their blood is on their own hands.  Just like the guy who goes into his former job and shoots a bunch of people.  Killing him isn’t murder when he’s got a gun pointed at you.  Killing you isn’t murder if you have a gun pointed at me.  I don’t care if your uniform says, “Police” or not.  It makes no difference to me.  It doesn’t give you the right to use violence against me and it doesn’t make you exempt from the consequences of doing so.

I think, if people call taxes what they are, everyone would fire their government.

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