Colourful People Part II: Wanna Go Bowling?

Time does drive a wedge between people.  I was recently contacted by a person I’m sure was an old friend.  I didn’t have time to talk but, fortunately, she contacted me a second time last night.  And here it is:

XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    hi!
The Ceej:    I’m sorry I didn’t have time to talk the other night.  I was really involved in cutting my new film.
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    hey how r u today?
The Ceej:    I’m almost done cutting the film so I’m doing much better.  If I remember correctly, last time we talked, you were going out with that Lisa girl.  Also, I’ve broken up with Gong Zhen…  Like, a long time ago.  How is Lisa?
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    i cant remember if we have talked before? 24f here. u?
The Ceej:    I thought my memory was bad.  You’re 24 already?  Time does go by.  Last time we talked, you were only 23.  Since then, I’ve been published in the paper and I’m being paid by Google now.
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    oh… well whats up?
The Ceej:    I was going to go bowling tomorrow.  You interested?
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    cool. im so bored. theres nothing to do. any suggestions?
The Ceej:    Bowling, I said.  Maybe the mall first.
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    i got a idea. i want be a stripper but im not sure if im good enough
The Ceej:    I hope Justin can come.  I’ve been wanting to meet him.
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    do u want to watch me strip on cam and teII me if im good enough?
The Ceej:    Well, what the hell do I know about stripping?
The Ceej:    That’s not really my area of expertise.  Isn’t that was Lisa was into?
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    ok u got to signup on this site so i can be sure that your not a kid
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    is that ok with u?
The Ceej:    I’m already a member of enough things.  Also, I kind of AM a kid, so that’s going to be a problem.
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    k babe just go here <Link Deleted>
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    then at the top cIick the goId JOIN FREE button and make a Iogin ok?
The Ceej:    Holy shit!  Those girls have no clothes on!  You gotta warn me about that kind of thing!
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    oh and one more thing. it does ask for a credit card but but it does not charge the card at aII
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    its just to verify that u r over 18 ok?
The Ceej:    I’m only 14.  Also, I don’t have a credit card.  I pay for everything in white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.  They taste better than credit cards anyway.
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    k babe weII hurry up so we can have some fun!
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    and if u want to have some naughty fun then just take me in private or tip me some goId.
The Ceej:    We have about 20 hours.  I’ll meet you tomorrow at Pin Palace at 4PM.
XDaLiLAnGeL16X:    Iets taIk on the site my aim keeps messing up.
The Ceej:    Nah…  You got ICQ?  We can talk on that

Then, after that, she stopped talking.  I hope she gets her AIM working again.  If all else fails, we’ll just catch up at the bowling alley this evening.

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