Don’t Stoop To Their Level…

I’m going to be out of commission for a while, so I guess this is my 9/11 article.

There are a lot of us.  Statism is dying and statists are getting frustrated, but they keep telling themselves that, if there were as much of us as we would have you believe, there would be revolution.

There is revolution.  That’s what most people don’t understand.  When the police try to arrest a lot of us and we defend ourselves, that is part of the revolution.  When we refuse to go to the voting booth and select the least bad figure head to represent the mafia, that is part of the revolution.  When we refuse to submit to extortion and scare tactics, that is part of the revolution.  What do you want us to do before you consider it revolution?

That’s a rhetorical question.  I know damn well what you want us to do and we’re not going to do it.  We’re decent people and we will not commit acts of aggression against others.  We will defend ourselves when others do it against us, but this is as far as we will go.

There are a few people frustrated with government and they may do something as benign and pointless as handcuffing themselves to a fence or as malicious as aeroplaning a government building, but this is not what we advocate.  This is wrong from both a moral and practical perspective.

A first strike, or even retaliatory strike, is generally (and with very few exceptions) considered an act of aggression.  We are against aggression.  If we perform it against them, then we are just as bad as they are.  They’re going to destroy themselves anyway, and we don’t need to use any more force than necessary to defend ourselves and our freedom.  From a standpoint of practicality, what has it accomplished?  Usually, nothing at all other than an attempt to use the media as a vehicle, but you’ve already ruined your reputation at that point.  I suppose 9/11 crushed the economy of its intended target, but at what cost?  Thousands of civilian lives in the target country alone, and strengthened governments and terrorist outlets (that’s a little redundant)  in other parts of the world.  Hardly an acceptable trade-off.

So, as your 11th of September rolls around, before you hijack a skyscraper and fly it into an aeroplane, remember that your target will destroy itself.  There’s no need to barely make a dent in it, especially when you’re killing so many others along with the act.  They’re just not worth it.

You know what you can do instead? Just have a barbecue or something.

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