The XXXX Has Been Redacted!

Remember the article a while back that said I had been found guilty?  Back in June, some good news came out of it, but I’ve been keeping it to myself.  Why is that?  Because I was approached by a local satirical editorialist who wanted me to write the story for one of the publications he writes for.  I wanted to just mirror that here so it was still new when it was posted in the Planet.

However, the editor of the Planet got back to me today with her version of my article which has been redacted.  The police officer’s name and badge number and the judge’s name are the two biggest caveats I have with the redaction.  Other redactions include the mild censoring of perceivably profane words (which I’m fine with because it works as irony).

I haven’t yet decided whether I’m willing to publish it with the redactions.  I mean, exposing the criminal nature of those two men are, aside from the jokes, the most important part.

And that, my friends, is why it’s redacted.  I can look on the bright side here.  I wouldn’t be redacted if I weren’t saying something important.  So, I’ll probably allow Jill to redact my article, but I will mirror here sans the redactions.  That way, she can be a coward and cover her arse, but I can get my message out there.

So, those who will be named in a future article, beware.  A libel suit may be filed by you but you will not win.  For, I not only have evidence that I’m telling the truth as I see it, but I have evidence that I’m telling the objective truth as it is, unarguably.  And throwing some jokes in with it to make it easier to swallow.

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  • ApexNo Gravatar says:

    EZ decision run it redacted, I dont know if this planet has a web presence, but if they do comment on the story with a link to your mirror post. Or take a couple of copies of the article and place sticky notes on them and leave them in public places, ie library, coffee shops or what have you, should be fun.

    • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks. That’s exactly what we decided to do. It’s going to run redacted with my link and the article is going to remain public domain which gives me the right to mirror it in any way I see fit. So, I’ll publish it here unredacted two or three days after the Planet publishes it.

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