None Of Our Business…

Business.  A great American venture.  I figured that I should write an editorial tribute to everything business has done for America.  But, it has done so much.  I don’t think I have that kind of time to write it all down.  All right.  I’ll just begin and see how far I get.

It’s made the number one degree pursued in college, rather something silly like a usable trade or skill, but the pursuit of power and money for the sake of power and money, with everything else be damned.  The business degree.

It’s turned life into a pursuit of money.  After all, money buys happiness, so do whatever you do for money.  Anything you do can be considered right as long as you’re getting paid enough.

It’s made sure you will own more pieces of electronics and furniture in your lifetime. With the invention and government sanction of planned obsolescence, business has made sure you will have to buy more of everything you buy and pay more for it each time.  Isn’t that great?

It’s turned what is wrong into what is right.  Being rude to people is wrong.  Being rude to people and getting paid by AT&T or Google to do it?  Well, that’s just your job.  Selling someone something they don’t want or tricking them into signing a shady contract is wrong, but if you’re paid by Verizon or Walmart to do it, suddenly it’s right.  Praise business for expanding what is right.

It has destroyed the entertainment industry by making it about profit and power.  Good riddance.  We don’t need good art anyway when bad art is cheaper.  At least cheaper for them to make even if it costs us the same.

It has conformed public thinking into a singularity, even against majority opinion.  It’s hard to find a single person who likes Google or AT&T but, as a people, they’re the world’s two biggest superpowers thanks to public use.  That’s quite a feat that could only have been pulled off by business.  Oh, and government.

And speaking of government, it was bought and paid for by business.  A single business venture can get a majority to vote against their own interests.  Prop H8? Nuff said.

It’s made employment or life outside of business seem all but futile, thus increasing dependence on business.  My popularity as an artist has sky-rocketed since I got fired from a business, but I’m still making a lot less money.  Thanks, business.

Actually, after these few examples, I take that back.  It’s not our business.  It needs to be destroyed.

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