Black’s Law Is A Bitch

For those of you not familiar with Black’s Law (which is probably anyone who isn’t a Lewis Black fan as I was told earlier that an internet search for it brings up nothing), it is derived from a routine by comedian Lewis Black, that goes a little something like this.

After introducing a routine about a television commercial he says

And, those of you haven’t seen this commercial are now going to see it all the time.  Because that’s how it works.  It’s like if somebody comes up to you and tells you there’s  a bear shitting everywhere and you say, “W-w-w-well, that’s ridiculous!” And the next day, the bear is following you around.

Basically, Black’s Law posits that if you are ignorant about some craze, and someone brings it to your attention, you will then be unable to escape that craze for the duration of its existence.

Last night, somebody asked me what my opinion was on the Casey Anthony verdict.  I replied, “Who?”  Now, this morning, I couldn’t get away from the damn thing.  As aggravating as Poe’s Law is, Black’s Law is even worse.

So, the next time you feel the need to tell me about that big thing I’m missing, do me a favour.  Don’t.  I don’t want to be bombarded with it every second of every day.  I’d rather be followed around by the shitting bear.

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