Americans: An Endangered Species…

A good number of my readers reside in the United States.  This does not make them Americans.  Some do not.  This does not make them not Americans.  Americans are not citizens of the United States, or even residents of North or South America.  People are not born Americans.  People decide to become Americans.

A lot of people who live in the United States call themselves American.  Some are.  Most are not.  Some are even what I would call Superpatriots.  Superpatriots are those who think patriotism is waving a flag and claiming your country’s perfection while getting massively offended at everything someone says to the contrary.  I wrote a song about that once.  It was called PatriPSYCHotic! These Superpatriots remind you why patriotism comes from the phrase, “die faderland.”  They also tend to make residents of the States hated as they claim pride for hijacking the word, “American.”  American government offices are comprised almost entirely of these types.

No.  Real Americans are something different.  Good people driven to extreme acts out of desperation and preservation.  Not content to live under the rule of the Crown, Americans fled to the unknown New World thinking, “It can’t be much worse than this.”  When King George III got his hands on the New World, Americans defied him repeatedly until it came to war.  This relatively small group of Americans didn’t declare war.  They simply defended themselves when war was declared on them.  And, to this day, even in England, the Crown means almost nothing.  Something which was thought to be impossible was done by people who just wanted what was best for them.

I’m not saying everything they did was right.  They committed genocide against the Native peoples, they owned slaves, they proposed white male land-owners be the only ones with a vote.  That was pretty reprehensible.  But, everybody has their faults, and times were different.  Given the time to progress, they would have ultimately realised these things were wrong.  Much in the same way that, in a decade or so, the people will realise many of the things they’re doing now are wrong.

Over time, however, the American nearly went extinct.  What happened?

Government and Corporation happened.  The American tax code is so convoluted that a random drunk guy would have a 1:1 chance  at proposing a better one.  The laws are so convoluted that everyone is a criminal, and the government is occupying nearly every country in the world, yet the people say nothing.  They do nothing.  When asked why not, they say, “We can’t do anything about it.”

And that’s how you know they’re not American.  An American would never say he can’t do anything about it.  An American will do something about it, even against the odds.  Government likes to resort to the Us Vs. Them logical fallacy, so I will too.  Anyone who just takes what the American government has to dish out without fighting back hates America and hates freedom.  See?  At least, when I did it, it at least made a little bit of sense.  When politicians do it, it makes none at all.

So, if you live in the States (or even if you don’t), you should ask yourself if you’re American.  If the answer is yes, then stand up, join your fellow Americans, and make the world a better place or die trying.  If the answer is no, once you stop calling yourself one, ask yourself why you think this is the best of all possible worlds. I sure fucking hope you’re wrong.

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