Let’s Examine Semantics…

Ministry. If you’re American, this probably has some religious meaning to you.  Your minister is a pastor, or otherwise religious leader.  However, look around most of the world for a more accurate definition.  Many countries have a prime minister at the top, with lesser ministers below them.  Departments are called ministries.  For example, ministry of defence.

In short, a ministry is a government.  For example, Adolf Hitler’s ministry was responsible for World War II.

Policy. You may have heard some corporate peon claiming they’re just following policy.  But what is policy?  Policy comes from the root word, “police,” a transitive verb meaning to control people.  For example, Adolf Hitler wanted to police all of Europe.  Of course, his subordinates weren’t at fault.  They were just following policy.

Okay, so you’re saying, “What’s with all the Hitler references?  I thought you were above that.”  No.  No, I’m not.  In fact, I get a free pass on Hitler references because I’m a comedian.  (Side note: Do you suppose Hitler would have still done that World War II thing if he knew his legacy would remain perpetually on the backside of a joke?)  In fact, not only do I get a free pass on Godwin’s Law, but comparing people to Hitler is actually in my job description.  Let me cut and paste my job description below:

  • Criticise everything
  • Exercise wit
  • Exaggerate beyond all logical train of thought
  • Offend the easily offended
  • Poke fun at everybody and everything
  • Compare people to Hitler or the Nazis.

So, there it is.  Right there in black and white.  Or white and black as it is on the internet copy.  So, you see, it was my responsibility to make those Hitler comparisons.  I was just doing my job.  I was just following polic–

Oh, shit.

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