Assumptions: I Got That Thing You Sent Me

DISCLAIMER: The “you” referenced throughout this article is a hypothetical person that is a hybrid of negative personality traits of several people I’ve known and doesn’t refer to anybody who may actually be reading this.

Technology.  A double-edged sword.  On the plus side, we can reach anyone we want at any time we want.  However, that means they can reach us too.  And that’s not so great.

There are so many ways to contact someone, these days.  You can phone them, text them, Email them, IM them, send a message on Facebook, make a comment on YouTube, send an old fashioned letter through the post, and meet them in person.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  So, with all this information going around, surely some of it is missed.  You can’t just assume I got it.

PayPal’s policy states that they will assume any electronic message as received and read within 24 hours and any message sent through the post received and read within 72 hours.  Hm…  That’s odd.  I often never receive the stuff they send, so they’re just making asses out of us.  I expect that kind of thing out of a bank*, however.

You, on the other hand, should know better.  How many people have sent me text messages and then acted as if I received them?  News flash: Some people set up a block on text messaging because people like you won’t listen when we tell you not to send them.  I recall reading this anecdote about a guy whose girlfriend broke up with him via text message, but he didn’t get it, so he set up another date.  Then, on the way to that date, it finally showed up, so he stood her up.  Who’s the jackass?  Hint: The girl for assuming the guy had gotten the text message.  Serves her right to be stood up.  It’s bad enough to break up with someone over the phone, but text messaging?  You should never break up with someone in a not realtime conversation.  Never.  That’s just rude.

While we’re on the subject, if you have to ask, I probably didn’t see your Email, or your forum post, or that funny picture you posted on my Facebook wall either.  You can’t just assume, just because you sent it, that I got it.

If I haven’t responded or otherwise acknowledged the existence of the information you sent, one of three things is true.

1.  I didn’t see it.

2.  I don’t care about it.

3.  You’ve become too unreasonable to continue the conversation (this last one typically only happens in the middle of existing conversations).

A little deduction would help you figure out which applies to that thing you sent me, and asking me would solve it altogether.  Besides, maybe I wouldn’t have seen it if you didn’t point me to it.  It’s not like I stick around every communication device at every second of every day.  Also, if what you sent is a text message, I can tell you now that it’s the first option.

Assuming I have already seen the information is only going to cause one or both of us to be hurt, and it would be your fault.  In this world of amazing communications technologies, please use a little common sense in using them.  Otherwise, you defeat their purpose.


*Yes, PayPal is a bank.  They avoid banking regulations by calling themselves not a bank, but that would hold up in court about the same as if I said I was not a person so I’m not obligated to follow the laws people follow. EDIT: There actually have been such cases and most of them ruled exactly the way I said in the footnote. There have been some exceptions, but there have been crazier judicial rulings than that, so don’t bank… Haha.  Bank.  PayPal shouldn’t bank on the court’s agreement that they are not a bank. More often than not, the court disagrees.

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