I Don’t Wanna Work!

I just wanna bang on the buttons all day!

You may have noticed I haven’t updated anything since Thursday.  Well, there’s a very good reason for that, you see.  See, what ha-happen was PSN started their Welcome Back Programme on Friday and I had three accounts in two different regions.  That means I had six completely free games on the PS3.  Not to mention all the free trials I got from my two regions of PSN Plus memberships.

With that kind of new gamage, who the hell has time to be productive?  I have a new story for Literature Under Ceej in concept phase, but I haven’t touched it since Thursday.  I was using a status on my AIM that said, “I am not available because I’m playing a computer game that takes up my whole life.”  I still don’t want to work this week because of all my new games, but I guess I’m just going to have to make myself work.  I can take weekends off for a while, I guess.  Everyone else does that.  Why can’t I?

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