Congratulations, Bipper…

If you follow me on Facebook or YouTube (ugh! I hate those. I’m only there for you, so you better appreciate it before the stabbings begin), you’ll probably notice that the only real update this morning on any of my sites was that the maintenance here at Indoc was finished.  On a side note, you can remember how to spell maintenance by separating it into three words. Main ten ants.  You’ll misspell it, but that’s fun too.

No Humour update.  No Indoc update.  Just the maintenance.  Well, it may not mean much to you, but I’ve been trying to get the format of this place more or less consistent with the others since February.  Bipper and I spent several hours on this site.  I was directing while he was hardcoding.  When we were done, I was very tired and I said, “I guess this will be our only update today.”

But, he was great.  My only caveat is it took him three months to get him to do the part he agreed to do.  Once I got him to do it, he was a borderline superhero.  I should write a screenplay about him.  The Hardcoder.  His enemies will use children, pretty (but bitchy) ladies, and liquor against him.  I’d say it will be a smash hit, but it will be too well written for Hollywood to want anything to do with it.  They don’t want to make a good film because then the people will remember what those are and demand more and that would be too much work.  Even more work than correcting that run-on sentence.  They’d have to actually pay real writers instead of businessmen who type instead of write.  And then they’d lose control over the content and security of the funds (because the popularity of good writing is hit and miss, you see).  So, you’ll never see this The Hardcoder, but you can tell your friends you did and The Ceej’s webmaster, Bipper, was the star.

So, thanks Bip.  I’d pay you for your work  right now, but it’s a shame PayPal doesn’t take white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.  They only take cash, and I think you and I can agree that macadamia nut cookies are better because cash tastes horrible.  So, next time I see you, you can have a cookie.

If anyone wants to send me a macadamia nut cookie, there is now a donate button in the lower left sidebar.  Oh, wait.  You can’t send cookies with that.  Damn that PayPal.  Well, whatever you can send will suffice, I guess.

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